Balance Improvement Edmonton

Rediscover Stability: Age Gracefully, Stand Confidently

Balance Improvement Edmonton

As we navigate through life’s milestones, it’s essential to stand tall, steady, and secure. At 50+ Physio & Performance Health Care Edmonton, we understand the significance of maintaining and enhancing balance, particularly for our esteemed clientele in their golden years.

Why is Balance Crucial?

Balance Improvement Edmonton | 50 Plus Physio

The Science of Balance: Understanding the Foundations

Balance, at its core, is a symphony of sensory inputs and motor responses. For older individuals, understanding this intricate dance is pivotal to maintaining stability.


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At 50 Plus Physio Health Care, we specialize in catering to the unique physiotherapy needs of those aged 50 and above. We believe that age is just a number, and everyone deserves personalized care to lead a pain-free and active life.

Our Comprehensive Balance Enhancement Program

1. Individualized Balance Assessments

Before any physical testing begins, a comprehensive discussion with the client is undertaken to understand their medical history, any previous falls or balance-related injuries, daily activities, and any concerns or goals they may have related to their balance.

The physiotherapist might perform static balance tests, dynamic balance tests and sensory tests. Followed by a simple strength and flexibility evaluation to gauge muscle strength and flexibility as they play a vital role in balance.

Gait Analysis, a thorough evaluation of the individual’s walking pattern using observational techniques or, in advanced settings, using gait analysis technology, helps identify any irregularities that might be affecting balance.

After the assessment, feedback is provided. Weak areas are highlighted, and a tailored balance training program is created to address the needs and concerns of the individual.

2. Neuromuscular Re-education

This technique is a part of physiotherapy for older people and seeks to restore normal movement. By retraining muscles and nerves to work together, we can significantly enhance balance and coordination.

3. Proprioception Training

This focuses on honing the body’s ability to sense its position in space, which is crucial for balance. Think of exercises like standing on one foot with eyes closed as challenging yet deeply beneficial.

4. Strength and Stability Synergy

Leg and core strength play a pivotal role in maintaining balance. We blend strength training with balance exercises for a holistic approach.

5. Manual Therapy

Our physiotherapists employ hands-on techniques, such as joint mobilizations, to reduce pain and improve range of motion, both of which can contribute to better balance.

6. Functional Balance Drills

From tandem walking (heel-to-toe) to agility ladders, we integrate exercises that not only enhance stability but also mimic day-to-day movements.

7. Mindful Movement Practices

We incorporate techniques like yoga, renowned for their balance-improving properties and ability to connect mind and body.

8. Supportive Equipment

Stability balls, wobble boards, and resistance bands aid in challenging and developing your balance capabilities further.

Environmental Adaptations for Safer Living

At 50+ Physio Health Care, we recognize that a holistic approach to balance includes adapting to one's surroundings. Enhancing safety begins with securing rugs and ensuring smooth floor transitions. Proper lighting, both bright and glare-free, is essential, especially in areas like staircases and bathrooms. Stairs benefit from handrails on both sides, with contrasting step edges for clearer visibility. Bathrooms can be made safer with grab bars and non-slip mats. 

To further prevent trips, homes should prioritize clutter-free pathways, secure cord management, and stable furniture placements. Kitchens prone to spills should feature accessible item placements and slip-resistant flooring. By optimizing living spaces, we complement balance training and amplify the confidence and safety with which our clients navigate their daily lives.


Age is an era of embracing experiences and wisdom and celebrating the journey thus far. Let's ensure this chapter is navigated with stability, confidence, and grace. At 50 Plus Physio Edmonton, we’re not just enhancing balance; we’re fortifying your foundation for years to come.

Remember, balance isn't just physical. It's the harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Embrace the journey of stability with 50+ Physio! Contact us.

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