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As the golden years approach, the complexities surrounding our neurological health become all the more evident. Be it the aftermath of a stroke, managing Parkinson's disease, or just the general neuro-motor challenges that often accompany aging, there's a pressing need for a specialized approach. Enter neuro physiotherapy, a realm where we integrate the nuances of neurological care with geriatric physiotherapy. At 50+ Physio & Performance Clinic in Edmonton, we proudly lead the way in this specialized branch, providing targeted physiotherapy for older people.

Why Neuro Physiotherapy for the Older Population?

Common Neurological Disorders in the Older Population


The Various Aspects Covered By Neurophysiotherapy

Neurological rehabilitation aims to improve function, reduce symptoms, and enhance the well-being of the patient. It can involve physical therapies, cognitive exercises, and even speech and language therapy.

While neurophysiotherapy is often associated with physical improvements, it plays a pivotal role in cognitive enhancements, too. Activities that promote brain health, memory exercises, and strategies to improve attention and concentration can significantly boost cognitive functions in older adults.

Neurological challenges can have an emotional toll on patients. Addressing emotional well-being is crucial. Integrating mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation techniques into the therapy can provide much-needed mental relief and contribute to overall recovery.

Our Approach at 50+ Physio Edmonton

Comprehensive Neuro Assessment

Every journey begins with understanding. Our first step is always a detailed neurological assessment involving an in-depth physical and neurological exam, assessing patient history, functional and cognitive assessment, and gait analysis. This ensures that our geriatric physiotherapy approach is tailored to the unique needs of every individual.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Recognizing that every individual’s neurological challenges are distinct, our plans are customized, ensuring maximum efficacy and comfort.

Integrative Techniques

We blend traditional physiotherapy methods with cutting-edge neuro-rehabilitation techniques, providing a holistic approach to care. Through a combination of movement therapy, cognitive exercises, and various treatment modalities, it taps into the brain’s remarkable ability to reorganize and adapt, a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. For older people, harnessing this can help mitigate age-related neurological challenges.

Tools and Techniques

For older patients, neurophysiotherapy employs a unique set of tools and techniques. From balance boards to aid in restoring equilibrium to cognitive games that stimulate brain activity, the approach is always holistic. Functional electrical stimulation and mirror therapy are other innovative tools used to aid recovery.

Continuous Monitoring

Neurological health is dynamic. Our experts continuously assess progress and adapt treatments as necessary, ensuring that our approach remains as relevant and effective as possible.

Education & Empowerment

We believe in empowering our patients. Beyond therapy sessions, we educate them about their conditions, providing insights and tools to manage and even improve their neurological health.

Importance of Family and Caregiver Support

Rehabilitation is not a solitary journey. Family and caregivers play an integral role. Their support can motivate patients, help them adhere to therapy routines, and provide the emotional backbone needed during recovery.

Home-based Neuro Physiotherapy Tips

Even at home, older patients can continue their rehabilitation. Simple exercises, such as leg lifts, toe-tapping, and memory games, can be effective. Additionally, maintaining a routine, ensuring a safe environment to prevent falls, and engaging in stimulating activities like puzzles or reading can augment clinic-based therapies.

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Neuro Physiotherapy in Geriatric Care

At 50+ Physio & Performance Clinic, we recognize the intricacies of aging. Our neurophysiotherapy services, specifically crafted for older people, are designed to navigate these challenges. With a team dedicated to geriatric physiotherapy, we aim to enhance the quality of life, restore function, and instill a sense of confidence in every individual under our care.

Embrace the promise of a brighter, more mobile future. Whether you or your loved one is facing a neurological challenge, remember that with the right care, progress is always possible. Trust in the expertise of 50+ Physio Edmonton and embark on a journey towards improved neurological health. Reach out to us today.

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