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Golden Years, Grounded Support: Your Pelvic Health Matters

As the body navigates the journey of aging, certain physiological changes become more pronounced. Among the various systems that can be impacted, the pelvic floor muscles are pivotal in maintaining several essential functions. At 50+ Physio, we recognize the unique needs of the older demographic and offer specialized geriatric physiotherapy in Edmonton. One of our key focuses is pelvic floor physiotherapy, catering explicitly to the requirements and comfort of older individuals.

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Understanding the Importance of Pelvic Health

Signs and Symptoms That You Might Need Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic floor issues can manifest in various ways. Some of the common signs and symptoms among older people include:

Partnering for Long-term Pelvic Health

As experts in geriatric physiotherapy, our mission at 50 Plus Physio is to empower older individuals to take charge of their pelvic health. Through education, exercises, and consistent support, we aim to make pelvic health an integral part of the aging journey, ensuring comfort, dignity, and enhanced quality of life. If you or your loved ones are seeking specialized care, especially pelvic floor physiotherapy Edmonton for older people, reach out to us. Embrace the aging process with confidence, knowing you have experts by your side.

Why Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is Essential for Older People

Enhanced Continence Control

One of the prime benefits of pelvic floor physiotherapy for older people is improved bladder and bowel control, helping individuals lead a dignified and active life.

Support for Organ Prolapse

Age-related weakening of the pelvic muscles can lead to organ prolapse. Regular pelvic exercises can help support and strengthen the muscles, providing relief and prevention.

Improved Sexual Sensation and Function

A strong pelvic floor can lead to enhanced sensations and sexual function, a facet of life that should be enjoyed irrespective of age.

Alleviation of Pain

Targeted exercises can help reduce pain associated with pelvic issues, allowing older adults to continue their daily routines comfortably.

Geriatric Physiotherapy: Tailored Techniques for Pelvic Health

As individuals transition into their golden years, various physiological and external factors such as the natural aging process, menopause, prostrate surgery, chronic constipation, obesity and other neurological conditions can lead to pelvic floor dysfunctions.

At the 50 Plus Physio & Performance Clinic, we understand the nuances of aging. Our pelvic floor physiotherapy in Edmonton is specifically curated, keeping in mind the sensitivities and unique needs of older adults. We aim to find the root cause of the pain. Our therapists use gentle techniques, biofeedback, functional re-training, electrical stimulation, pelvic floor exercises and relaxation techniques, offering guidance and modifications based on individual comfort levels and health conditions.

Role of Lifestyle and Diet in Pelvic Floor Health

The health and function of our pelvic floor aren't solely dependent on age or genetics. In fact, lifestyle choices and dietary habits are pivotal in maintaining or even improving its condition, especially in our later years.

  • Dietary Choices: For older adults, a fiber-rich diet with whole grains, fruits, and veggies can prevent constipation and ease strain on the pelvic muscles.
  • Hydration: Drinking the right amount of water helps maintain regular bowel movements while avoiding excessive urination, protecting the pelvic region.
  • Weight Management: Managing weight is essential as excess weight can strain the pelvic muscles. Regular, low-impact exercises can assist.
  • Avoiding Bladder Irritants: Reducing intake of caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods can help older adults manage urinary symptoms more effectively.
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises: Simple exercises like Kegels can enhance pelvic muscle tone, even in the later years.
  • Mindful Movement: Incorporating practices like yoga and pilates into one's routine can improve core and pelvic floor strength. These exercises emphasize controlled, purposeful movements, enhancing muscle coordination.
  • Avoiding Heavy Lifting: Regularly lifting heavy objects without proper technique can put undue pressure on the pelvic region. If lifting is necessary, engaging the core and adopting a safe technique is essential.
  • Limiting Strain: For those who are prone to constipation, it's vital to avoid straining during bowel movements. This not only protects the pelvic muscles but also the surrounding connective tissues.

Incorporating these lifestyle and dietary considerations can offer older adults a holistic approach to pelvic floor health, ensuring comfort and confidence in their daily lives.

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