Teaching seniors to do balance exercise

Balance Improvement

At 50+ Physio & Performance Health Care Edmonton, we understand the significance of maintaining and enhancing balance, particularly for our esteemed clientele in their golden years.

In Clinic Physiotherapy Edmonton | 50+ Physio & Performance

Pain Management

At 50+ Physio & Performance Health Care Edmonton, we listen to these stories, understand them, and help you pen the next chapters with confidence and vitality.

Improved Breathing Edmonton | 50 Plus Physio

Improved Breathing

At the 50+ Physio & Performance Health Care Edmonton, we acknowledge the significance of optimal breathing and its profound impact on the quality of life for older individuals.

Asian nurse or a female physiotherapist is helping an elderly woman patient use a walker to learn to walk.

Fall Prevention

Falls, while seemingly innocuous, can have profound implications, especially in the lives of the older population. The aftermath can range from minor bruises to severe fractures.

Doctor or therapist exercise with senior man at clinic or nursing home

In-Clinic Physiotherapy

Our in-clinic physiotherapy is more than just treatment; it’s a comprehensive experience tailored to the distinct needs of the older generation.

Female trainer training senior couple in performing exercise in the backyard

Mobility Improvement

At 50+ Physio & Performance Health Care Edmonton, we celebrate the resilience and tenacity that comes with age, especially when it involves our mobility.

Senior woman looking at online training video on laptop

Online Physiotherapy

In the digital age, boundaries are redefined, and health care is no exception. At 50+ Physio & Performance Health Care Edmonton, we believe that quality care should be accessible no matter where you are.

Home caregiver

Physiotherapy at Home

With in-home physio, your living room transforms into a space of rejuvenation, and the journey to wellness becomes as comforting as a warm cup of tea on a rainy day.

Sports Specific Improvement Edmonton | 50 Plus Physio

Sports-Specific Improvement

Aging doesn't mean one has to retire from active sports or recreational activities they love. In fact, engaging in sports can significantly enhance the quality of life for older people.

Senior man exercising with personal trainer.

Strength Coaching

Our dedicated strength coaching program is tailor-made for those who wish to reclaim, maintain, or even redefine their physical prowess post the half-century mark. Let’s delve deeper.

Stroke Rehabilitation | 50+ Physio and Performance

Neuro Physiotherapy

Enter neurophysiotherapy, a realm where we integrate the nuances of neurological care with geriatric physiotherapy.

Male physiotherapist helping patient in performing exercise with resistance band in clinic

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

As the body navigates the journey of aging, certain physiological changes become more pronounced. Among the various systems that can be impacted, the pelvic floor muscles are pivotal in maintaining several essential functions.