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Sports Specific Improvement Edmonton

Aging doesn't mean one has to retire from active sports or recreational activities they love. In fact, engaging in sports can significantly enhance the quality of life for older people. However, as our bodies change with age, our approach to sports needs to adapt. That's where the 50+ Physio & Performance Health Care Edmonton comes into play.

Why Sports Specific Physiotherapy for Older People?

The physiological changes associated with aging might pose challenges in pursuing sports at the same intensity and frequency as in our younger years. However, with the proper guidance, these challenges can be addressed head-on, enabling older sports enthusiasts to continue engaging in their favourite sports with passion and proficiency.

Personalized Sports Assessment for the Aging Athletes

Every sport has unique demands. Whether you're into golf, tennis, running, or cycling, our first step is understanding the specific biomechanics and demands of your sport. Coupled with a thorough assessment of your physical condition, we create a strategy that's tailor-made for you. 

Functional Movement Screening

Our movement patterns may change as we age, sometimes leading to inefficiencies or imbalances. By evaluating your movement patterns, we highlight areas that need attention, ensuring that you move efficiently and safely.

This evaluation helps us understand the strengths, vulnerabilities, and areas of improvement specific to their chosen sport.


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At 50 Plus Physio Health Care, we specialize in catering to the unique physiotherapy needs of those aged 50 and above. We believe that age is just a number, and everyone deserves personalized care to lead a pain-free and active life.

Tailored Physiotherapy for Older Sports Enthusiasts

Not all sports exert the same demands on the body. A golfer’s needs differ from a tennis player’s. Recognizing this, our physiotherapy for older people is tailored to the requirements of each sport. We focus on enhancing performance while minimizing injury risks.

1. Strength and Conditioning for Older Athletes

Age might bring about a decline in muscle mass and bone density, but older sports enthusiasts can still excel. Our strength and conditioning programs are curated to cater to the unique physiological aspects of older people, ensuring they remain competitive and robust.

2. Sports-specific Mobility and Flexibility Training

Flexibility and mobility are crucial for any sport, more so for older athletes. We provide routines that not only enhance these aspects but also ensure that they align with the demands of the specific sport in focus.

3. Injury Prevention Strategies

Older athletes might be more prone to certain injuries. Recognizing this, we emphasize preventive strategies, from teaching proper warm-up routines to sports-specific techniques that minimize injury risks.

4. Adaptive Training Techniques

Our goal is to help you enjoy your sport without strain. This might mean teaching alternative techniques or methods that are easier on the joints while still being effective.

5. Cognitive and Reflex Training

Quick decisions and sharp reflexes can make a difference on the sports field. While age might seem like a barrier, our innovative cognitive and reflex training sessions at 50 Plus Physio Edmonton ensure that the mind remains as agile as the body.


Recovery and Rehabilitation

Injuries are an unfortunate part of sports. However, older people might experience longer recovery times. Our specialized physiotherapy for older people ensures that they get back to their favourite sports faster and stronger, with rehabilitation plans tailored to their sport and individual needs.

Equipment and Gear Consultation

Just as sports techniques need to adapt with age, so does the equipment. At 50 Plus Physio Edmonton, we offer guidance on choosing the right sports equipment for older people. Whether it's selecting the right type of running shoes, finding a tennis racket that eases wrist pressure, or identifying protective gear that's both comfortable and efficient, our expertise ensures you're equipped for success.

Sport-specific Nutrition Guidance

For optimal performance and quicker recovery, nutrition is key. As metabolism and dietary needs change with age, it becomes imperative for older sports enthusiasts to adjust their diets. Our nutritionists provide guidance tailored to the specific energy and recovery needs of each sport, ensuring that older athletes fuel and nourish their bodies appropriately.

Mindset and Motivational Coaching

The mental game is just as crucial as the physical one. To address the unique mental challenges faced by older athletes, including doubts, fears, or motivational slumps, our coaches at 50+ Physio & Performance Health Care Edmonton provide support to bolster confidence, foster a growth mindset, and reignite passion for the sport.

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Rekindling the Passion

Engaging in sports at an older age is not just about competition; it's about passion, well-being, and living life to the fullest. At 50+ Physio & Performance Health Care Edmonton, we celebrate and support this spirit, ensuring that age is never a barrier to sporting excellence. Whether you're an older individual looking to pick up a new sport or a seasoned athlete seeking to maintain your edge, our sports-specific improvement programs are here to guide and uplift you. Join us in celebrating the sheer joy of movement, competition, and achievement, and let's redefine what it means to be an athlete beyond 50.

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